Website hosting changes and new plans

By popular demand we have added two new webhosting plans named Premium and Ultimate which have 10GB and 50GB of storage space.
Additionally the Free Tier plan has been renamed to Basic and the Paid Tier has been renamed to Plus.
The Basic plan remains free to anyone who has purchased  Minecraft server.


2nd Mar 2018
We are retiring our voice hosting services

We will stop selling Teamspeak and Mumble voice hosting services.
Existing accounts that we gave out for free as part of your Minecraft server subscription will be terminated in the coming days.

Teamspeak and Mumble voice servers that come as part of your VPS subscription will remain unchanged.

22nd Jan 2018
Billing website update Dec 22-24

We will be updating our billing and main website during the next 2 days, please report any issues.

22nd Dec 2017
Server maintenance March 12.

We are continuing to upgrade all of our servers to NVMe drives.The servers on mc1, mc5, mc7, mc11, mc15 and some of our VPS servers will be down for maintenance on March 12. starting from 11AM Eastern Time (ET).The expected downtime is 2 hours.We are also looking into the issue of some mc11 servers restarting and it will most likely be resolved. Read More »

11th Mar 2017
Server maintenance Feb 27.

The VPS servers, cPanel webhosting and Minecraft mc13,mc14 servers will be going under maintenance starting from 11AM Eastern Time (ET).The expected downtime is 2 hours.Edit: The maintenance has been completed.The servers mentioned above have been upgraded from SSD to NVMe drives, which are 3 times faster.For Minecraft this means faster chunk ... Read More »

26th Feb 2017
Server maintenance Dec 22.

The servers on mc1, mc7, m11 and mc15 will be going down for a planed upgrade.
The expected downtime will be from 9am-12pm ET.

22nd Dec 2016
Server maintenance Nov 29.

We are updating our control panel to the latest version.All Minecraft servers will be offline for 30 minutes to 1 hour starting 9am eastern time (3pm EU time).Some new features that will be added to our panel:- Customizable user roles- 1 click install for Spigot plugins- 2 factor authentication- Use an app on your smartphone to access the panel Read More »

28th Nov 2016
Server maintenance Friday Sep 23.

The server mc1 will be offline from 6am to 9am EST time.

22nd Sep 2016
Server maintenance Sunday June 26

The servers mc5 and mc15 will be offline from 9am to 1pm EST time.

25th Jun 2016
New Features

Hello,We have updated the billing website with the following features:1. The account funds/credits balance is once again visible in the top left corner.2. We have added an info box that contains basic information on where to access our services3. We have also added an email alert when a login was made to your billing accountRegards,FadeHost Read More »

25th Mar 2016